Hatchets and Hops – Blackrock

Bagels & Brews

Hatchets and Hops is entering the Bagel world. Snatched from the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, this take on a classic bagel sandwich offers a quick, hearty, and unique option for eating some tasty food in our space, or on the go.

While, most may consider us “just an axe throwing bar” Hatchets and Hops is partnering with Bagels and Brews to offer Bagel Sandwiches, Bean Bastard Coffee, and if your heart desires ice cold beer / Seltzer cocktails between 8a- 1p Thursday & Friday.

The world is changing, and let’s be honest. When your kids are screamin’, your roommate is practicing for their Video audition for Americas Got Talent, or you haven’t put on real pants for six days – it’s time to get out of the house. Come to our space, for the wifi, hightop tables, and calm environment. Axes don’t start flying until 5:00p Thursday & Friday

This ain’t your corporate coffee shop, and this ain’t just an axe throwing bar. Stop in and grab our take on the Bagel Sandwich, or let us bring it out to you.

Also, we have a pretty dope patio where you can sit outside. So that’s cool too.


Thursday – Friday 8a – 1p